You Do the Math, We’ll Bring the Mats

You Do the Math, We’ll Bring the Mats

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So it's finally time to literally lay down the groundwork for a new home gym, playroom, and/or trade show booth with interlocking foam floor tiles. Before you jump in wallet-first, it’s best to take stock of floor space and avoid overshooting or coming up short on mats. Luckily calculating square footage and determining the correct amount of 24” x 24” tiles for even the most irregular space isn’t hard, so bust out your 9th grade geometry skills and let's figure it out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Tape Measurers

EVA foam floor mats such as those found at We Sell Mats are sold in chunks of square footage, so in the event that you want to fill space that’s a perfect rectangle, just multiply the length by the width and you’re on your way. Most of the time, you may not be blessed with right angles and even numbers. Splitting up the room into smaller rectangles, triangles, and adding up their areas is how we recommend getting the most accurate possible measurements.

Once you have a measurement of your floor's surface area, it's time to turn it into tiles. The typical floor tile is 24” x 24”, or 4 square feet to put it in terms of your measurements, so it's as easy as dividing the room’s square footage by 4 and voila, you know exactly how many tiles to buy. In the likely case that the room’s measurements are not divisible by 2 feet or it’s walls create an irregular shape, you're going to be trimming tiles. Fear not, EVA foam is easy to trim and we’ve found that adding 10% to your square footage gives you plenty of wiggle room.

The Newest Innovation in Mat Application

While measuring for tiles isn’t rocket science, We Sell Mats is more than happy to do the work for you using the new Tile Calculator on the product page of every foam flooring option we sell. Next to the quantity box, click “Help Me Calculate”, enter the room’s measurements, and add extra to accommodate trimming to see the exact amount of tiles needed.

From colorful multipurpose mats in the playroom to tatami textured mats in your new home dojo to carpet top mats to line a stunning trade show booth, the calculator is here to show the tremendous value of EVA foam flooring with superior accuracy

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