Which Cheese Wedge Incline Mat Is Right For Me?

Which Cheese Wedge Incline Mat Is Right For Me?

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Incline mats are great tools for gymnastics, playtime, and physical therapy. Also known as a “cheese wedge”, these mats have a variety of applications, features and benefits. We Sell Mats offers three different sizes to choose from: Preschool, Medium and Professional. 

Let’s take a look at each one and discover the best mat for your needs.

Preschool Incline Mat

This wedge mat is designed for children ages 3-5. The smallest of the three sizes at 34” long and 24” wide, this mat is good for learning basic tumbling skills. 

The Preschool Incline Mat is perfect for daycares, physical therapy programs, sensory rooms and playrooms. Gymnastics applications include rolling, tumbling, backbends, bridges, handstands and stretching. The Preschool Incline Mat is also great for balance and positioning during therapy sessions. With heavy duty 18 oz vinyl and a solid foam core, this mat is made with quality in mind. 

Medium Gymnastics Incline Mat

At 60” long and 30” wide, the Medium Gymnastics Incline Mat folds up for ease of storage and is best suited for ages six and up. 

In general, a gymnast’s incline mat should always be at least one foot longer than the height of the user, therefore this mat is suited to gymnasts who are 50” or shorter. Intermediate gymnasts will be able to hone their skills and work toward moving up to the next level. When folded up, the Medium Gymnastics Incline Mat can be used as a spotting block, obstacle or jumping platform. Available in several bright color combinations, this mat is also made with a heavy duty vinyl covering and a solid foam core. It’s easy to wipe clean and will resist wear and tear even with frequent use.

Professional Gymnastics Incline Mat

Perfect for the advanced gymnast, the Professional Gymnastics Incline Mat is recommended for gymnasts over 50” tall. It measures 72” long by 36” wide and 16” high. This mat also folds up for storage and is made with commercial-grade materials, perfect for professional and competitive use. 

Train safely at home, in the studio or on the road. The extra thick design is perfect for practicing cartwheels, back extension rolls and back handsprings. 

We Sell Mats is proud to offer a variety of incline wedge mats for training at every level. Make sure to choose the right incline mat based on your use case. All of our incline mats are made from quality materials with a solid foam core and heavy duty vinyl. They are built to last and are perfect for play, practice and more. 

Order your cheese wedge incline mat and experience quality and performance at home, in the studio or on the road!

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