What’s the Difference Between our Exercise Mats and Gymnastics Mats?

What’s the Difference Between our Exercise Mats and Gymnastics Mats?

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One of our most frequently asked questions is: “What’s the difference between our fitness mats and our gymnastics mats?” Well, there are several differences and also several similarities. Let’s take a look at what makes the exercise mats and gymnastics mats from We Sell Mats so great in similar and different ways.

Exercise Mats

We Sell Mats is pleased to offer our top quality, high performing exercise mats in four sizes. Choose from: 4’x6’; 4’x8’; 4’x10’ and the Personal Exercise Mat in 2’x6’. We also offer a variety of colors. The Personal Exercise Mat is available in two colors: black or blue. The other exercise mats are available in 8 colors: black, blue, blue/black, lime green/blue, multicolor, pink, purple, pink/purple. Enjoy easy transportation and storage of our foldable exercise mats, complete with strong carrying handles. With 2” of thickness, our exercise mats are durable and dependable for your favorite bodyweight exercise. Note: the Personal Exercise Mat is 1 ⅝” thick.

Gymnastics Mats

Gymnasts, cheerleaders and dancers will love the gymnastics mats from We Sell Mats; available in three sizes. Choose from 4’x6’; 4’x8’ and 5’x10’. Color options vary by size. The 4’x6’ gymnastics mat comes in black, blue, multicolor, pink, purple/pink and purple. The 4’x8’ size comes in black, blue, lime green/blue, multicolor, pink, purple/pink. The 5’x10’ is currently available in blue or black only. Unlike the exercise mats, our gymnastics mats do not feature handles. This helps ensure that gymnasts won’t trip or stumble while performing their routine. Choose from 1 ½” or 2” thick crosslink polyethylene foam core. The perfect mat for the hard working gymnast, cheerleader or dancer.


As with all of our products at We Sell Mats, our exercise mats and gymnastics mats are made with top quality materials and are built to last. Both mats feature hook and loop fasteners on all 4 sides making it easy to connect mats in any configuration. They both feature a heavy duty 18 oz vinyl covering for the utmost in durability. 

Whether you’re looking to exercise at home or support your budding gymnast, We Sell Mats has the right mat for you! Shop a variety of colors and sizes, and rest assured that quality and performance are always top of mind for us at We Sell Mats.

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