What Makes a Good Exercise Mat for P90X?

What Makes a Good Exercise Mat for P90X?

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Looking for the right mat for an at-home exercise program like P90X®? In any workout environment, you want your flooring surface to deliver the right balance of shock absorption and stability. Our variety of high-density, anti-fatigue mats stand up well to the rigors of personal fitness.

EVA Foam anti-fatigue mats are an ideal flooring surface for high-intensity and high-impact workouts like P90X®.

Lessen the Stress on Your Joints

Shock absorption is important because while you push your body to excel you also need to protect your joints. A vigorous workout can put a lot of stress on your knees and ankles, so having an appropriate amount of padding on the floor is crucial to absorbing some of that stress that allows your joints relief. When it comes to fitness flooring, we strongly recommend at least 1/2″ (14mm) or 3/4″ (20mm) foam.

Stability is Key

Stability is just as important as shock absorption, because trips and slips while your body is under stress can often result in injury. Where EVA foam is concerned, a thicker, high-density foam will be the most stable.

We strongly recommend against installing your mats on carpet, even if it’s low pile. When mats are placed on a hard-interior surface such as wood or cement, their large surface area in contact with the floor is able to produce plenty of friction to remain stable underneath all your fancy flying push-ups and lunges. When the mats are installed on carpeted surfaces, they may not be able to produce enough friction to avoid slipping as a result of sudden impact.

When shopping for the right flooring surface for your workout, be it P90X® or otherwise, look for a thicker, high-density EVA foam mat and install it on a hard surface such as wood or concrete.

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