What are Tatami Martial Arts Mats?

What are Tatami Martial Arts Mats?

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What exactly are Tatami martial arts mats? Perhaps you’ve heard of tatami flooring mats as they were used in Japanese homes of long ago. But in a martial arts mat, a Tatami finish means that the mats are textured to reflect the look and feel of the long, thin strands of rice straw used originally to make the mats. Why choose a Tatami finish martial arts mat? Glad you asked.

Tatami martial arts mats provide a texture that is absolutely necessary for gripping with hands and feet during any martial arts practice. The ribbed finish provides just enough texture, not too much, so postures are balanced, secure, and safe. Original tatami mats were used in various configurations in Japanese homes, and our Tatami martial arts mats can be easily configured to fit your space, too. Each mat has interlocking tabs to fit securely to the others, with straight edge pieces to give your space a smooth finished look. While original tatami mats were used to indicate places of honor for those seated on them, your Tatami martial arts mats will define a place in your home dedicated to the martial arts.

You can imagine a mat made from rice straw wouldn’t exactly be shock-absorbing enough for a martial arts practice, but our Tatami martial arts mats come in varying thicknesses so you can get just the right amount of support and padding. For the experienced practitioner, our 1/2” mats give you a great feel of balance and security. For someone just beginning, or if children will be practicing on the mats, our 3/4” or 1” mats offer extra padding to protect and support. And because they all fit together like puzzle pieces, you can grow your space as your practice expands.

When you think of the best martial arts flooring mats, think of our Tatami martial arts mats and know that you’ll be protected, supported, and well on your way to a successful practice in your own home.

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