Upgrade Your Outdoor Fitness Essentials

Upgrade Your Outdoor Fitness Essentials

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Outdoor fitness classes have become extremely popular over the last several years. In a post-pandemic world, there are many benefits to outdoor exercise classes. They provide opportunities for more participants then indoor settings, allow ample space for participants to spread out, and serve as great additions to festivals and promotional events. 

All ages can participate in a variety of outdoor exercises. However, working out in the great outdoors can come with some challenges – that’s where the right fitness equipment comes in.

Yoga Classes

Yoga in the park is an extremely popular outdoor activity across the U.S., but stretching out on the hard ground can be uncomfortable and risky. Even with a yoga mat in tow, you may need some extra cushion and support. 

Try the 2’ x 6’ Personal Exercise Mat from We Sell Mats! With 1-⅝” thickness, this mat is sure to provide the support you need from ‘child’s pose’ to ‘cobra.’ Our Personal Exercise Mat folds in half with handles for easy transportation and set up. Featuring a heavy duty 18 oz vinyl exterior and durable crosslink foam core, this mat is well suited to support your outdoor exercise endeavors.

Bootcamp Style Workouts 

Bootcamp-style classes are another popular outdoor fitness option. Sometimes held in empty parking lots or park settings, this type of terrain can create a challenge during exercise. 

Interlocking Foam Floor Tiles from We Sell Mats can help! Bring along a few tiles and set up your workout space. This will create an even surface for sit ups, push ups, and more. No tripping on tree roots, rocks or debris. Our Interlocking Foam Floor Tiles feature EVA foam that is durable and water resistant. 

Mommy and Me Fitness

Mommy and me classes are another way to enjoy the outdoors while doing some gentle exercise with your little one. You’ll need more than just a blanket to provide comfort and safety for you and your kiddo. Set up a nice space for baby to sit and move around with our Interlocking Foam Floor Tiles. A nice cushioned space provides support and protection. It might even prevent them from putting found objects in their mouths!

Stay safe and comfortable when exercising outdoors with the Personal Exercise Mat and Foam Floor Tiles from We Sell Mats. They’re easy to transport and provide additional cushion, support and protection from the outdoor elements. Enjoy the great outdoors and get a healthy dose of fitness too! 

Please note: Outdoor use of our mats and floor tiles can accelerate wear and tear. Always use caution when exercising outdoors.

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