Unlock the Potential of Your Garage

Unlock the Potential of Your Garage

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How is it possible that for most homeowners, one of the largest rooms in the house is the one they use the least? Being the humble garage, it’s because to the uninitiated, it’s only a cold, unforgiving place to store cars. In reality, the garage is overflowing with potential, as it’s perhaps the most rugged blank canvas on your property. From building a next-level home gym to expanding upon crafts and hobbies, maximizing your garage gives you the most out of your home’s square-footage, and with a few changes, the extra space of your dreams is well within reach.

Redefine Extra Space Without Slipping Up

Of course, turning the garage into a comfortable room is easier said than done. Between the cold, hard concrete floor, and neglect standing in your way, making the garage more usable is all about comfort. After a thorough clean and some sun gets you halfway there, it’ll come time to get your new workshop, lifting gym, or man cave truly off the ground.

There are a ton of garage flooring options out there, predominantly ones that require days of professional installation with the sole benefit of flashy looks. For your project, consider flooring that will eliminate slipping, resist moisture, and last under extreme stress.

Roll On and Roll In

Using your garage for hobbies and pastimes is a great way to free up space in your home, and with a safer, more comfortable flooring from We Sell Mats, it’s as easy as rolling it on. A different type of rugged floor covering, Garage Grip® floor mats are made from high-strength thermoplastic and recycled materials to be spill, slip, and puncture resistant. Garage Grip is designed to withstand the weight of workout equipment, powertools, and any vehicle day in and day out, and when it’s time to call it a night, the ribbed surface vacuums easily to make room for the next project or older relatives in need of a safe parking spot.

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