Tumbling into the Future of Gymnastics

Tumbling into the Future of Gymnastics

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From uneven bars to springboards, pommel horses to steady rings, gymnastics is a genre of sport that is heavily rooted in its equipment. And with so many gymnastics facilities in the country comes great demand for such equipment, leaving the industry primed for innovation. In recent years, one such innovation that has taken the gymnastics industry by storm is the rapid rise of inflatable tumbling mats.

In just the past 5 years, inflatable gymnastics mats have skyrocketed in popularity. Not that it came as a surprise as cutting edge air mats have made monumental leaps in safety, comfort, and versatility in the eyes of gymnasts and their coaches.

Inflating the Confidence of Athletes

Compared to traditional gymnastics floor mats, inflatable mats have made major quality-of-life improvements both on and off the mat. During even the most high-stakes use, inflatable mats offer the best balance of firmness and forgiveness in the business, featuring plenty of bounce to reduce the fear of injury and further your training with confidence. Additionally, because the amount of air can be controlled, inflatable mats give users the power to dial in firmness for every unique situation.

Off the mat, the lightweight nature of inflatable mats presents a distinct advantage. Conventional gymnastics flooring isn’t exactly portable, often its most compact state is far too cumbersome for one person to carry. On the flip side, inflatable mats allow users to simply remove the air and roll into a carrying bag in a matter of minutes.

Bring Your Gym into A New Era

This year, allow We Sell Mats to introduce you to a brave new world of gymnastics. Available in sizes up to 50 feet long, JOVIAN™ Inflatable Mats are made from sturdy moisture resistant PVC and provide the superior impact absorption you should expect from an inflatable mat.

From connectors, to pumps, to patching, to the mats themselves, We Sell Mats has everything you need to get the full inflatable mat experience that’ll reignite your love for gymnastics.

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