Top 5 Uses for Foam Floor Tiles

Top 5 Uses for Foam Floor Tiles

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We Sell Mats is proud to offer a variety of foam floor tiles that can serve many purposes in your home, gym, office and more. Our interlocking tiles are made of soft, durable, water-resistant foam that is also non-toxic, lead, latex, and phthalate-free. Discover all the ways this versatile flooring option can meet your needs. 


Add an element of fun that also serves as protection and comfort for your little ones. Soft foam floor tiles create a cushioned environment for play. Choose from a variety of colors or wood grain that will match any decor. Foam floor tiles are easy to assemble with an interlocking design. They are durable, soft, water resistant and easy to clean. 

Home Gym

Foam floor tiles are the perfect choice for your home gym. Exercise on a cushioned surface to relieve some of the pressure from your back and joints. Easily wipe up sweat after your workout. Brighten up your home gym space with a pop of color. Choose from 15 color options, or opt for Forest Floor® wood grain patterns, available in 7 options.

Garage or Workshop

Bring foam floor tiles into the garage or workshop for a comfortable place to stand while your tinkering away. Protect your garage floors from dropped items that may chip or crack concrete. The soft tiles will absorb the impact when you inevitably drop tools.

Office & Commercial Settings

Wherever you conduct business, a soft floor solution is always a great addition. At the hair salon, fitness studio, or childcare environment, foam floor tiles are the way to go. Protect your floors from equipment, create a cushioned environment for prolonged periods of standing or exercising or just add a whimsical element of durability.

On The Go

Foam floor tiles from We Sell Mats are easy to transport and set up for on the go! If you’re a babysitter or a parent looking to create a play space for your baby or children while traveling, you can bring your floor tiles with you. Planning to do an outdoor workout? Set up a soft space for outdoor yoga or body weight exercises instead of relying on the hard, uneven ground. Create a cushioned place for prolonged periods on your feet, like working a booth at the farmer’s market or craft fair. 

No matter your needs, foam floor tiles from We Sell Mats can provide comfort, support, protection and design. Perfect for home, gym, garage, office and on the go use, our thick and colorful floor tiles won’t wear down quickly and they provide a firm yet comfortable solution.

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