Top 3 Home Gym Products for Your Unique Space

Top 3 Home Gym Products for Your Unique Space

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Discover our customers’ favorite home gym products! Complete your workout set up with our Multipurpose ½” Tiles, Medium Incline Mat, and the Eco 4’x8’ Folding Exercise Mat. From body weight exercise to stretching and everything in between, these top 3 selling products will enhance your home gym space.

½” Multipurpose Tiles

Our interlocking ½” Multipurpose Tiles are made of soft, durable, water-resistant foam. With anti-fatigue support, these are the perfect surface for your home gym flooring. Whether you have an entire room or just a dedicated space, the ½” Multipurpose Tiles from We Sell Mats are a great solution. These foam floor tiles are non-toxic and free of lead, latex and phthalates. Easy to install and easy to clean. Just sweep away any dirt or debris and clean with a mild soap and damp cloth. Allow them to air dry. Choose from a variety of colors to make your space unique to you! 

Medium Incline Mat

Also known as a wedge mat or a cheese wedge mat, the Medium Incline Mat is one of our top sellers. Gymnasts use it to practice their skills including balance, coordination and tumbling. If gymnastics isn’t your thing, these mats fold into a block and you can use them as a jumping platform for box jumps. You may also want to stretch on the Medium Incline Mat from We Sell Mats. Made with a solid foam core, encased in a high-quality 18 oz vinyl covering, this incline mat is durable, water-resistant and wear and tear resistant. Choose from 3 color combinations to match your style.

Eco 4’x8’ Folding Exercise Mat

This multi-functional mat is perfect for the home gym! The Eco 4’x8’ Folding Exercise Mat is great for stretching, yoga, pilates, body weight exercises and more. No matter how much space your home gym has, you can easily fold and store this mat when it’s not in use. Made with a durable 18 oz vinyl cover and an advanced crosslink polyethylene foam, this mat is designed to offer the perfect amount of stability and padding for all of your exercise needs. Choose from a variety of colors to keep your workouts fun.

No matter the size of your home gym and no matter the exercises you perform most, We Sell Mats is pleased to offer our top 3 home gym products to enhance your workout experience! With the ½” Multipurpose Tiles as your foundation, a Medium Incline Mat and the Eco 4’x8’ Folding Exercise Mat, you will have all you need to work out with ease and enjoyment! Revamp your space and get closer to your fitness goals with We Sell Mats.


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