Thinking Outside the Floor

Thinking Outside the Floor

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The nation’s playrooms have seen a lot of foot-traffic this year amidst closed schools and daycares; with no finish line in sight just yet, it looks like they are in for the long haul. After months of all-day use, even the most extravagant playroom can grow stale in the esteemed opinion of their young critics, at which point you may want to surprise them with an upgrade. If you want to make the playroom extra special, getting creative with new or existing foam mats is a great way to get started.


Adding a New Dimension

We all know how versatile interlocking foam mats are, but did you know that tiles can be connected at a 90-degree angle? Now don’t expect to replace all of the furniture in your home with vertical arrangements of foam floor mats, but for crafty additions to the playroom, it changes everything.


Use six tiles to make big soft cubes that are great for stacking and learning, or even giant dice for kid-sized board games. Scale up from cubes to turn EVA foam tiles into forts and ball pits that take playrooms to the next level.



Get Inspired for Ingenious Playroom Innovation

If there aren’t We Sell Mats interlocking EVA foam tiles in your kids’ playroom already, they make the perfect addition not only for their superior safety and easy clean up, but for their endless versatility off the floor.

Ours are lightweight enough to stick to walls for kid-friendly theming, art, and décor while just by changing the way you connect them, you can construct brilliant 3-dimensional pieces that change how the room is played in altogether.


We love seeing our customers get creative, and with so many ways to utilize our mats, giving the playroom an update is a breeze. Check out more ways to get inspired on our Pinterest board!

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