Summer Safety With EVA Foam Mats

Summer Safety With EVA Foam Mats

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As it heats up across most of the country, inflatable pools are flying off the store shelves, and the best way to make sure your kids will be safe splashing and playing this summer is to put EVA foam mats beneath the pool. Face it, water and kids is a fun combination, but a slippery one, so to prevent playtime from becoming tears and stitches time, invest in a few foam mats to cushion that hard concrete surface.

EVA foam mats, tucked securely beneath a kids’ pool, will provide just enough cushioning to make playtime in the water safe and comfortable. And comfort is certainly an issue, because adults probably spend just as much time in the pool with their kids as the kids do alone! And the surface of the mats is designed to be non-slip, so they provide a little more traction when the kids hop in and out. A wet surface beneath the mats can make them shift, so make sure the mats are connected and tucked securely beneath the pool.

With 3/8″ or more padding under the kiddie pool, you can rest assured that those slips in the water don’t result in bonked heads or bruised knees and elbows. It can be a little scary to put the little ones in a pool (always supervised) for the first time, but with EVA foam mats under the pool, you just have a little more peace of mind. And with a coverage area that small, you won’t be breaking the bank to add protection. Wet or dirty mats can easily be hosed off and allowed to air dry, so maintenance is almost effortless. Isn’t that worth the cost of a few mats?

No one can guarantee your child’s safety during summertime play, but EVA foam mats can give you an advantage. Slip a few under that little pool, sit back, and enjoy your iced tea knowing the littles are safe to kick, splash, and have a great time.

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