Spring Cleaning: Playroom Edition

Spring Cleaning: Playroom Edition

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With the changing of seasons, from winter to spring, we often feel the urge to refresh our home. All around us, changes are taking place when springtime approaches: the sun is setting later, trees and flowers are blooming, the air is warming. We want to reflect that inside our home by cleaning out the old and ushering in the new. A great place to start is in the playroom! Refresh your foam flooring with a variety of options from We Sell Mats.

New Alternating Color Packs

Our flagship floor mats, the ⅜” Thick Multipurpose Mats are a great flooring option for your playroom. They are non-toxic and free from lead, latex and phthalates. They are also durable and water-resistant allowing for endless play! Now you can shop new Alternating Color Packs in 5 options: black and white; light gray and white; pink and white; sand and white; sky blue and white. Available for purchase in a 4 pack, 6 pack or 12 pack. Refresh your playroom with a new color scheme and bring a new spring energy into your home!

16 Color Options!

With our 24”x24” interlocking EVA foam mats, you can choose from a variety of 16 colors to brighten up your child’s playroom! From brights like pink and orange to richer hues like hunter green and red, even basic colors like black and white, we are sure to have a look you will love. Choose a complementary or contrasting color to the walls of your playroom, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. For a fun atmosphere choose a contrasting color, creating an extra colorful room. For a soothing environment, choose a complimentary color. Whatever you dream up, you can achieve it with We Sell Mats!

Spring Cleaning your Foam Floor Tiles

When you are spring cleaning your playroom and getting rid of the old broken toys, don’t forget to clean your foam floor tiles. First, sweep away any dust or debris. Next, use a mild soap and a damp cloth to wipe them down. Let them air dry. Reassemble them and reset your playroom for a new season of fun and playtime!

We Sell Mats is here for you in every season. This spring, get your home refreshed and ready for the new season. With new alternating color packs, 16 colors to choose from and an easy to maintain surface, the flagship ⅜” Thick Multipurpose Tiles from We Sell Mats are the perfect flooring solution for your playroom.

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