Replace the Kids' Carpet with EVA Foam Mats

Replace the Kids' Carpet with EVA Foam Mats

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Doesn’t matter if it’s in a bedroom or a classroom, on a back porch or in a corner of the kitchen; the surface your kids play on has to be soft and sturdy (otherwise it’s just something else for you to worry about). It should be simple to install, easy to clean, and be able to take anything your kids can dish out. We often think thick carpets are the softest, most pleasant surface for little ones to play on, mostly because it feels nice. But the truth is, carpets can be a real pain. They trap dirt, dander, and other allergens and keep them constantly near a toddler’s nose and fingers (and by association, mouth). Carpet is never thoroughly clean, so the kids are always playing on a surface that’s less than ideal. We have a suggestion that is, well, about as close to ideal as you can get: EVA foam mats.

Our interlocking EVA foam mats are a cinch to install. The standard mats are 2’x2′ and come with finished edge pieces. Piece them together on a hard surface, apply the edge pieces, and you have a soft, sturdy, easily maintained surface for the kids to play on. The mats are water resistant (shoot, they’ll resist just about anything!), so the daily (hourly??) spills that occur are no big deal. Sweep or vacuum them off, and occasionally use a mop with a little mild detergent and you’ll keep the mats in top shape for years and years. There are very few things in the life of a child of which that can be said!

Our EVA mats come in several styles so you can choose the best one to fit your needs and even your existing decor. Meet the ABC/123 mats. These playful mats are perfect for play areas and bedrooms for the younger kids. If yours are a little older, you might consider the 3/8″ colored foam mats. These colorful solids are the perfect complement to a room because they’re easily matched to existing colors. For a classier look, maybe in a family room or den, try our most popular 3/8″ mats, the wood grain mats. Honestly, guests will never know they’re foam mats unless they walk on them – they’re that much like a nice wood floor! And finally, for a warmer feel, perhaps in a basement play area, take a look at our carpet top EVA mats. Available in single tiles or packs of 24 or 100 square feet, these soft, low-maintenance carpet top mats will bring warmth and sound dampening to any area. Perfect for playing!

Make the play area as inviting as possible with any of our EVA foam mats!

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