Quality Over Everything Else

Quality Over Everything Else

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Since 2006, owners of We Sell Mats, Ken and Missy Richardson have made a pledge to create safe and high-quality flooring. The company was founded on taming the frustration of a lack of safe and affordable flooring options on the market. They work directly with the manufacturers to maintain quality control, product safety, and to develop new and fun merchandise. 

What Makes We Sell Mats Different?  

Why It Matters 

We take our products seriously because we take our customer’s safety seriously. Most We Sell Mats products are intended for rigorous exercise, competitive training and worry-free fun. If our products aren’t up to our high standards of quality, then we won’t sell them to you.  

Low-quality, poorly made, or non-tested products can put athletes at risk of serious injury. And we can’t let that happen. That’s why you can ensure every one of our products are safety tested, made from high-performance materials and come from reputable manufacturers that we, as a family-owned business, trust ourselves.  

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