Protect Your Floor, Your Feet, and Your Security Deposit

Protect Your Floor, Your Feet, and Your Security Deposit

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This time of year often comes with new beginnings, children leave the nest and head to college, people move into new spaces, and freshly independent adults must fend for themselves in the expansive world of home decorating. Unfortunately, trendy home customization isn’t often “renter-friendly”, as anything involving big changes and big tools will typically void a lease. That doesn’t mean new renters have to put up with beige walls connected by tarnished flooring and hard-pack carpet, there are several ways renters can rejuvenate their new home sweet home without lifting a hammer.

Get Your Feet Off the Floor, and the Landlord Off Your Back

Sometimes all it takes is just a few nails for your landlord to charge your security deposit for “costly repairs”, so being as unobtrusive as possible is key. The floors of entry-level apartments have likely been stampeded on by countless previous tenants, covering up worn and torn floors with foam puzzle mats is about as unobtrusive as it gets, and it completely changes any space. Not only are interlocking foam mats accommodating to tenants and owners alike, they make it easy to maximize versatility of cozier apartments where living rooms also need to be yoga studios.

Make Your New Home Your Own

Start your new lease off right with a soft and safe foam floor from We Sell Mats. No matter what your style is, there is an interlocking foam mat to match. From carpet top to farmhouse wood print to bright colors, interlocking foam tiles are an easy, renter-friendly way to overhaul that first dorm or apartment.

Moving into that very first place is exciting, and We Sell Mats is ready to help in any way we can. Check out more ways to add padding to your new pad!

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