Professional Gymnastics Equipment: Affordable, Convenient, Top-Quality

Professional Gymnastics Equipment: Affordable, Convenient, Top-Quality

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When it comes to gymnastics, having the right equipment is crucial for both safety and performance. However, finding top-quality gymnastics gear that is also affordable and convenient can be a challenge. Thankfully, We Sell Mats offers a range of professional gymnastics equipment that checks all the boxes. Let’s learn more about these products and why they are the right fit for your gym: the Professional Gymnastics Incline Mat, the Large Crash Pad, and the Large Tumbling Octagon.

Professional Gymnastics Incline Mat

The Professional Gymnastics Incline Mat is a must-have for any gym. Also known as a cheese mat, it's perfect for practicing a variety of skills, including rolls, walkovers, and handstands. The incline design helps athletes build strength and confidence by providing a safe and supportive surface. Our Professional Gymnastics Incline mat features durable construction, made with high-density cross linked polyethylene foam and a heavy duty 18 oz vinyl covering. With convenient design, this mat is lightweight, folds in half and features carrying handles. Crafted with commercial grade construction perfect for professional and competitive use. Also available in medium and preschool size.

Large Crash Pad

Safety is paramount in gymnastics, and the Large Crash Pad from We Sell Mats provides the peace of mind your gymnasts need. Designed to cushion falls and reduce the risk of injury, this crash pad is ideal for practicing high-impact skills and dismounts. Featuring thick padding, with an 8-inch or 12-inch thickness option, this pad provides ample cushioning to absorb impact and keep gymnasts safe. The heavy-duty vinyl cover is easy to clean and designed to withstand intense use, ensuring longevity in your gym. Enjoy convenience with the foldable design and side handles. Also available in medium or small.

Large Tumbling Octagon

The Large Tumbling Octagon is a versatile piece of equipment that supports a wide range of gymnastics skills. Its unique shape is perfect for practicing tumbling drills, back handsprings, and walkovers. With multi-functional design, this octagon is great for developing balance, strength, and flexibility. It’s especially useful for beginners learning new skills. Constructed with firm, high-density foam, this octagon offers the perfect combination of support and softness. The sturdy vinyl cover ensures the octagon can withstand rigorous training sessions, making it the right addition to your gym. Bonus, it’s easy to clean with just soap and water and a soft cloth. Also available in medium or small.

We Sell Mats is dedicated to providing high-quality gymnastics equipment at affordable prices. Our products are designed with both safety and performance in mind, ensuring that gymnasts have the best possible training experience. We strive to make our equipment lightweight and easy to transport, making it convenient for use in the gym.

Investing in professional gymnastics equipment doesn’t have to break the bank. With We Sell Mats, you can equip your training space with top-quality gear that supports your gymnasts, enhances safety, and helps your gymnasts reach their full potential. Explore our full range of products and elevate your gym today!

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