Product Spotlight: ¾” Thick Multipurpose Mats

Product Spotlight: ¾” Thick Multipurpose Mats

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We Sell Mats is proud to offer our premium interlocking foam floor tiles: ¾” Thick Multipurpose Mats. With versatility, functionality and quality these mats are the flooring solution you need for the home, office and gym setting. Let’s explore some of the features and uses of these high density EVA foam mats.


Our ¾” Thick Multipurpose Mats have detachable borders so you can use them individually or together to cover any size space. Choose from three colors to suit your space: black, gray and blue. These foam floor tiles are a water-resistant padded flooring solution that will stand the test of time. Made from EVA foam, these mats are non-toxic and free from lead, phthalates and latex. Easy to install and even easier to clean! Just wipe them down with water and a mild soap. 


The  ¾” Thick Multipurpose Mats are designed for moderate padding in light traffic areas and places where you need to stand for long periods, like the kitchen sink or laundry room. You can also use them under your desk or at a cash register. This comfortable anti-fatigue surface provides cushion for the spine, hips, legs and knees, making it a great solution for your home gym. You can practice yoga and body weight exercises on the ¾” Thick Multipurpose Mats. They're also great for kids and baby areas where you want a soft surface that will protect your floors. Assembly is quick and easy with the interlocking feature. Set them up wherever you need some extra cushioning and easily disassemble them as needed. 

The ¾” Thick Multipurpose Mats from We Sell Mats are a cost-effective flooring solution. Whether you’re looking for home, gym or office flooring, look no further! With quality, durability and versatility, you won’t be disappointed. Shop now at

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