Product Spotlight: Small Crash Pads

Product Spotlight: Small Crash Pads

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Small crash pads from We Sell Mats are the space saving solution to support and protect the knees, wrists, elbows and back during cheerleading, tumbling, gymnastics or fitness routines. Practice and perfect your skills without fear of a stiff landing. Crash pads absorb the shock when you train. Let’s review the features and benefits of the Small Crash Pad from We Sell Mats.


We Sell Mats only delivers top notch products. That’s why our Small Crash Pads feature convenient side handles for easy carrying and a smart-fold feature for easy transport and storage. They also feature a durable, tear-resistant 18 oz. vinyl top that is easy to clean with just warm water and a gentle disinfectant. Wipe clean and allow to air dry before folding and storing. This small crash pad measures 4’x4’ when unfolded.


Perfect for the beginner or intermediate level gymnast, the Small Crash Pad can be placed in front of skill shapes and trainers for maximum shock absorption. Stick the landing or work through new skills without fear of a stiff landing. With 4” of high-quality sponge-core foam padding you can trust that the Small Crash Pad will support your knees, wrists, elbows and back.

Train with confidence and improve your skills with the Small Crash Pad from We Sell Mats. With features like ease of storage and transportation; and benefits like 4” of high-quality foam padding for maximum shock absorption, the Small Crash Pad is the perfect solution for gymnasts, cheerleaders and dancers. Shop now at!

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