Practice Makes Perfect in Pink!

Practice Makes Perfect in Pink!

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We Sell Mats is pleased to offer our 4’x8’ Gymnastics Tumbling Mat in pink, now at a discounted price of $159.99. Originally offered at $240.99, this is a huge savings! Practice your cheer, dance and gymnastics moves on the 2 inch thick, 4’x8’ mat and perfect your skills. With quality you can trust and functionality you’ll love, this pretty pink mat is just what you need.

Top Quality

We Sell Mats offers the best combination of durability, style, value and safety. The long-lasting durability of our 4’x8’ Gymnastics Tumbling Mat in pink is consistent from the inside out. Our advanced crosslink polyethylene foam core gives just the right balance of padding and stability. The heavy duty, 18-ounce vinyl cover stands up to repeated runs, rolls, flips and falls. The super strong stitching ensures that this tumbling mat will stand the test of time. Our mats also feature a folding design to make set up, clean up and transportation a breeze! Speaking of clean up, all you need is a soft cloth and a mild soap to wipe our mats clean. Let them air dry completely before using them or storing them.

High Performance

Our 4’x8’ Gymnastics Tumbling Mat in pink provides a safe and supportive surface for every tumble, flip, roll and stretch as you improve your skills and coordination. Full perimeter hook and loop fasteners make joining multiple mats together simple and easy, so you can practice and enhance your skills in the space that is best suited to you. Perfect for cheer, dance and gymnastics routines! Protect your body from cold, hard floors when exercising with our premium 4’x8’ Gymnastics Tumbling Mat in pink. Your body will thank you!

If pink is your color, check out this fantastic savings! With a bit of practice, you can perfect your cheer, dance or gymnastics routines. Rest assured that top quality and high performance are what you get with a gymnastics tumbling mat from We Sell Mats. Shop today and experience the difference our mats make!

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