Pin Down a Personal Wrestling Gym

Pin Down a Personal Wrestling Gym

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As with nearly every high school sport, it has been ages since student wrestlers have reported to regular after-school practice to train in-person with a full coaching staff. Wrestling is a sport of near constant off-the-mat mindfulness over personal conditioning, and months away from the grind can leave athletes disconnected from their true competitive potential.

While a school wrestling gym may seem hard to replace, building a training facility of one’s own may be just the head start student wrestlers need to get back on track with an advantage they can earn on their own accord.

Train in a Space that Takes No Days Off

Probably the most obvious difference between a typical home gym and a wrestling gym is the inclusion of a bespoke wrestling mat. Apart from the necessary 8’ diameter circle, a true wrestling mat is dense and grippy to accommodate match-changing takedowns and the pressure of standing your ground.

For complete conditioning that carries into the return of the normal season, at-home training must go beyond the mat. By adding weight machines, benches, and cardio equipment, off-season student wrestlers can maintain their strength and weight-class alongside their technical skills practice.

Get the Home Gym Wrestle Wready

Before the return of normal high school wrestling sneaks up on you, give yourself the competitive advantage by training at home in a wrestling gym outfitted by We Sell Mats. With the introduction of Vélotas home wrestling mats, anywhere can be a championship-level training facility. To integrate benches and cardio machines like treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes for full body conditioning, Vélotas Pro Series PVC equipment mats protect the floor from scratches, because conditioning your body at home shouldn’t ruin the condition of your home.

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