Outdoor Comfort at Half the Cost

Outdoor Comfort at Half the Cost

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As even the most novice camping enthusiast knows, sleeping conditions out in the wilderness aren’t quite as luxurious as they are at home, but it’s part of the experience, right? However, as campers grow in experience, they discover how harsh the ground is on their joints, impacting the enjoyment of camping. 

In an effort to combat long-term injury, more and more adventurers are electing to prep the ground beneath their sleeping bag with a camping pad in their tent, allowing campers to enjoy the great outdoors for years to come.  

While camping pads may seem like a dauntingly broad category, considering all options is how seasoned campers maximize their outdoor comfort. 

Smart Shopping for Scenic Sleeping 

When purchasing a camping pad, it’s easy to mistakenly pay extra for a “specialized” pad from an outdoor brand or retailer. In reality, pads that are sold as specialized for the outdoors are the same big pieces of foam, with the same level of padding as more affordable alternatives like fitness mats. 

Mats designed for activities like gymnastics and home-exercise are great for camping because they feature foam made to absorb pressure from joints and a moisture-wicking vinyl cover that is extremely durable. 

Stock Up for Your Next Expedition 

If you’re looking to revolutionize your outdoor sleeping experience, then We Sell Mats is here to help you find that perfect fit for your next adventure. Our selection of folding exercise mats features options for half the price of “specialized” pads from outdoor retailers. The folding design of our exercise mats make it easy to stow them in your exploration vehicle of choice or on an external-frame backpack when they aren’t in your tent. 

In this age of social distancing, it is a great time to go camping and We Sell Mats encourages campers of all experience levels sleep healthy and comfortably out in the wilderness. Check out more ways to soften the impact of camping. 

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