Not All Mats are Created Equal: 5 Tips to Identify a Quality Mat

Not All Mats are Created Equal: 5 Tips to Identify a Quality Mat

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In this day and age, it’s easy to fall victim to savvy marketing slogans and major discounts on less-than-quality exercise equipment—but it’s not right.

As a parent, coach, athlete, and general consumer, you deserve to know the durability and longevity of the fitness products you’re purchasing so you can make a sound investment in your equipment and keep those who will be using it safe. That’s why at We Sell Mats™, we’re proud to share what makes our mats the highest quality options around, starting with these five tips to identify a quality mat.

Five Features of a High-Quality Mat

1. What Does Stitching Look Like?

The last thing you want to do is purchase an exercise or gymnastics mat only to find the stitch quality is so poor that it easily unravels or won’t hold up to regular use. We Sell Mats™ folding exercise mats feature thicker thread and strong double stitching details for added durability.

2. What is the Cover Made From?

The next thing to consider is the mat covering: what material is your mat made from, and will that material best serve your needs? For instance, most of our gymnastics mats and exercise mats are constructed to withstand a variety of uses and protected by a rugged 18-ounce vinyl covering that resists tearing and is easy to wipe clean with a simple soap and water solution.

3. Is The Core Soft or Firm Enough For Your Needs?

Another critical component to ensuring your mat is as high-quality as the manufacturer claims it to be is the core material. We Sell Mats™ uses a non-toxic cross-linked polyethylene foam core for ideal support for a variety of activities. This type of foam core is a cost-effective, non-abrasive, lightweight, tear-resistant, shock-absorbing material perfect for gymnastics and exercise mats.

Our personal fitness mats feature ultra-durable, sturdy cross-linked foam designed to handle personal fitness and bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, squats, lunges, and more. Since the foam is softer than the tumbling mat, the exercise mat is more comfortable to sit and lay on. The folding exercise mat is available in 3 sizes with 2" foam thickness for a cushioned, supportive surface that protects knees, wrists, elbows, and back for more supportive home workouts and bodyweight exercises.

Chances of rolling an ankle or spraining a wrist are higher if the mats are too soft. To safely support the weight and movements taking place, each mat needs to have the perfect amount of support or firmness, which is why tumbling mats are more firm than personal or folding exercise mats. Our durable and cushioned pads provide safety and reassurance for your young gymnast or cheerleader as they practice tumbling, cartwheels, and back handsprings.

4. Is It Easy To Carry?

Whether at home or in a gym setting that is constantly being moved around, you need to have mats that are easy to carry and store. Our fitness mats and gymnastics skill shapes and trainers feature lightweight, foldable designs, compact storage options, and several have carrying handles for convenient on-the-go-fitness anywhere, anytime.

5. Can You Securely Attach Your Mat To Other Mats?

Number five on our tips list is whether you can safely connect mats. Our gymnastics mats and folding exercise mats feature hook and loop fasteners for quick and secure attachment so you can create a larger workout space without fear of injury from mats slipping apart.

Shop We Sell Mats™ For High-Quality Mats You Can Trust

Whether you are a coach, parent, trainer, or athlete, you deserve to feel protected in your purchase, knowing you’ve got the long-lasting, high-quality exercise mats at your service.

With We Sell Mats™, you never have to worry about whether the products you’re buying are really the best around, because we show you exactly what sets our gymnastics mats, tumbling mats, and home gym mats apart from the rest. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Check out our hundreds of customer reviews to see why other customers like you love their We Sell Mats™ high-quality mat products. Shop We Sell Mats™ today to find the perfect mats for any activity all in one affordable place.

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