National Beach Day: There's No Better Way to Celebrate the Height of Summer!

National Beach Day: There's No Better Way to Celebrate the Height of Summer!

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Every year on August 30th, beach lovers get a chance to show their love for the salty sea and sandy shores for National Beach Day.

National Beach Day started in 2014 after Conservationist Colleen Paige found a baby Pelican starving to death due to being trapped in a fishing line. Growing up on the beaches of sunny Southern California, Colleen knew a change was needed and thus National Beach Day was born.

What started as a holiday meant to raise awareness about the plight of sea birds and ocean mammals is now a globally recognized holiday celebrated with local beach clean-ups, fundraising events, beach-side parties, and social media awareness using hashtags #nationalbeachday and #beachday.

Interesting Facts About Beaches & Oceans




    • The ocean’s plastic is projected to outweigh all of the ocean’s fish by 2050.




    • Alaska is home to the most shoreline in the United States.


    • Spanning 152 uninterrupted miles, Casino Beach in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil is the longest beach in the world.



    • Sand is mostly made of silica, though every geographical location has a unique composition with varying colors and grain size.


Aside from being home to over one million animals, the ocean and beaches across the globe hold a special place in many people’s hearts for the leisure, relaxation, and joy it’s brought over the years. Whether you go to the beach once a year for a family vacation, or you are a weekend beach warrior all summer long, it’s important for all of us to do our part in protecting our beaches, not only on National Beach Day but every time we visit.

If you want to support your local beach this National Beach Day or raise awareness of the importance of protecting our Oceanic friends, we have five ideas for you to consider.

Five Ways to Support Beaches This National Beach Day & Everyday



      Join or Plan a Community Cleanup

    2. What better way to honor the oceanfront and the creatures living below the water’s surface than with a community-wide cleanup event? Whether you join an existing cleanup event or start your own, joining the cause or leading the charge to preserve our oceans is a hands-on, effective way to support your local beach community.

      Raise Awareness Through Social Media

    4. Maybe you don’t live near a beach to offer an extra set of hands. That’s okay! In this day and age, action is more than just showing up in person, it’s also effective to spread the word through social media! Using hashtags #nationalbeachday, #beachday, you can spread the word about the ocean’s pollution crisis and let others know about your mission to bring awareness to this important day.

      Host a Fundraising Event for Ocean Preservation

    6. If getting your hands “dirty” with a community cleanup is the least you can do for a place so near and dear to your heart, consider hosting a fundraising event for a wildlife sanctuary, ocean preservation, or another beach preservation-related organization. This could be a 5k along the water (or coastline), yoga on the beach (don’t forget your
yoga mats
      !), a beach BBQ, or another fundraising event. The possibilities are endless.

      Throw a Beachside Party

    2. After a day of cleaning and fundraising, why not gather on the beach with your closest friends, family, and community members to cool your toes and watch the sunset on your freshly cleaned beach? Gather the goodies and cold drinks, light up the fire (if allowed), put down a blanket, and bask in the natural beauty of the shoreline.

      Educate Yourself & Others about Ocean-Safe Sun Protection

    4. While you may think sun protection is a far cry from ocean preservation,
data from the National Ocean Service
    shows that common chemicals used in popular sunscreen products can affect marine life. Conversely, a lack of sun protection like sunscreen or UPF clothing can lead to painful and potentially cancerous sunburns. To protect the ocean and your skin, try to use reef-safe sunscreens, sun hats, UV sunglasses, UPF clothing, and seek shade whenever possible.

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