Maximize Exercise with Minimized Supplies

Maximize Exercise with Minimized Supplies

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In a world with tire-flipping social media flexes, gargantuan jars of pre-workout powder, and $90/month gym memberships exist, it’s easy to think the ultimate workout is walled off by ironclad barriers to entry. However with more home exercise than ever, the most resourceful athletes among us have discovered this isn’t the case.

Through the magic of the internet, alongside a little bit of gear and commitment, everyday folks have made a healthy regimented lifestyle possible even in the least accommodating circumstances imaginable.

Introducing the World’s Smallest Gym

Whatever that circumstance may be, from replacing the gym, to limited space, to simply taking the first step, it all starts with what you already have. What the $50/hour private trainers don’t want you to know is that on any of the major video sharing platforms, surprisingly comprehensive guided workouts are available for free through independent creators. Better yet, the majority of these routines require little to no equipment, and anyone with a yoga mat that provides enough grip and comfort can make the free workout work for you. After the workout, yoga mats shine brightest when they’re rolled up and stowed away, as if your living room wasn't a competent home gym just minutes ago.

Rolling Out a Major Return

The most important part of working out is actually following through, and with a bit of cleverness, every space and schedule can accommodate an effective workout. To get the most out of your minimalist exercise routine, We Sell Mats is proud to announce the return of La Baleza™ yoga mats, which feature an extra-cushioned ½” thickness for unbeatable grip and comfort. Not only is it the ultimate mat for sculpting your physique in the comfort of home, but it may be the most versatile fitness companion wherever your life takes you.

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