Masterpieces Made Comfortable

Masterpieces Made Comfortable

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When making esteemed works of art, it takes time, patience, and repetition to hone the details of your unique style. However, in the time it takes to churn out enough pieces to satisfy your creative appetite, you’ll have spent hours standing, balancing, and/or moving in a place that’s better designed for accommodating paintings rather than people. Especially for developing creatives looking to evolve their style, an uncomfortable artist is an uninspired one, and making changes to your studio, ones that allow you to create for longer, may be the next step on your journey to museum-quality masterpieces.

A Studio That Isn’t a Pain in the Neck

Over time, standing in one place on a concrete floor or hunched over an easel can seriously be felt through your feet, back, and neck. An inhospitable creative environment isn’t just a physical pain either, the wrong foundation can have you exhausted in no time, keeping you on the couch instead of pursuing your passion.

To avoid the impact that a less than ergonomic environment has on your body and motivation, it’s best to work from the ground up. Padding the floor with a softer material stops the chain reaction of discomfort in its tracks by absorbing the impact of long stationary periods. Soft flooring also encourages regular foot movement, keeping your blood pumping and your mind feeling refreshed and inspired.

Crafty Motivation with a Foam Foundation

Make 2021 the year of finding your artistic niche with a home studio you love spending time in. With soft yet supportive EVA foam tiles from We Sell Mats, you can transform any workspace, using anti-fatigue flooring that lengthens sessions of creativity. Interlocking foam tiles are right at home in the art studio, not only for their anti-fatigue impact profile, but for their easy upkeep and replaceability. With the right flooring you can spend more time making and less time aching, leaving the limits of your talent begging to be explored.

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