Martial Arts Flooring That's a Snap

Martial Arts Flooring That's a Snap

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Whether you’re interested in carving out a space in your home for a good martial arts workout or about to invest in flooring for a whole studio, We Sell Mats has you covered, so to speak. Our martial arts mats are easy to install and transport, a cinch to clean, and provide the perfect balance of support and cushioning.Many workout floor surfaces must be professionally installed, often involving adhesives. Our martial arts mats are much less complicated (so they’re less expensive); in fact, they’re so easy to work with that you can install them yourself in just a few hours – less, if your space is small. Each square looks like a scalloped puzzle piece, its interlocking tabs connecting quickly and tightly to the next piece. Your order will also contain enough straight-edged pieces to give your martial arts workout area a nice finished look. Need to take it up to move or clean? Not a problem. There’s no adhesive to prevent removal, so just pull the pieces apart and reassemble when and wherever you’d like.

Keeping workout spaces clean is essential, especially in the commercial setting. A gym that smells like, well, a gym, isn’t going to earn the reputation it needs to thrive. So keeping the equipment and surfaces clean is paramount. Our martial arts mats, like all our EVA foam mats, are just about the easiest floor system on the market to keep clean. In most cases, just some warm water and a mop will do the job. Harsh chemicals are never advised – your workout space should be clean, but you don’t want it to smell like a chemical factory. So just wipe up spills, mop regularly to keep clean, and in the event of major cleaning, you already know the floor can be pulled up and dried.

You’ll find, when you order a free sample (yes, we’re serious!), that our martial arts mats provide you with just the right amount of cushioning: not so much that you lose balance, but enough to help you get back up again after a fall. The anti-fatigue quality helps you last longer in a workout, and makes clients want to stay for the duration.

Easy to install, easy to clean, inexpensive, high-density, anti-fatigue; what more could you want in a martial arts mat??

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