Make Your Retail Establishment More Welcoming with Wood Grain Mats

Make Your Retail Establishment More Welcoming with Wood Grain Mats

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As a good business owner, you’re constantly on the look-out for ways to lower costs, increase sales, and generate loyal customers. Would you believe a simple, low-cost flooring solution could help you achieve your goals?

We’ve been in the retail flooring business for years, and we’re constantly growing our mat offerings because customers have told us how valuable the mats are for their businesses. One of the most popular new additions to our full line of EVA foam mats is the Forest Floor™ wood grain mat. Our Classic Oak mats were such a hit that we decided to expand the wood grain selection and have curated a series of faux wood grain mats that warm up any retail establishment and give it an elegant, classy look and feel. In addition to the Classic Oak, we offer a Light Bamboo, Light Cork, Mahogany, and White Oak. Aside from just looking sweet, these mats are anti-fatigue, a true pleasure to walk or stand on, and do not require professional installation! You can kick the professional look of your flooring up a notch all by yourself!

We realize business flooring has to be resilient, and our Forest Floor™ or Classic Oak mats are just that. While heavy furniture may leave permanent indentations in the mats, normal foot traffic will never be an issue. When customers step onto the mats, they’ll be shocked they’re not actually standing on wood – they look that real! Who knows – maybe they stay in the store a little longer because they’re more comfortable? If you have employees behind counters, the addition of floor mats can make a world of difference in how they feel and present themselves and your business, even at the end of the day.

No flooring solution can beat our Forest Floor™ or Classic Oak mats. Welcome the hoards of new customers with warm, inviting, professional-looking faux wood grain mats!

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