Make Restaurant Shifts Work for You

Make Restaurant Shifts Work for You

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Now that restaurants are finally on their way back, operating at the top of their game is vital on their journey back to pre-pandemic glory. For restaurants to run at a level that maximizes product quality and customer enjoyment, the hard-working staff needs an environment they can trust. By keeping cooks and hospitality staff safe, and staying mindful of their long taxing shifts, restaurant owners better align what is the backbone of their business. Finding ways to improve the experience of your restaurant by prioritizing your staff doesn’t have to be a mystery either, as just a few minor changes can make all the difference.

Softening the Impact of a Long Shift

In the recovering fast-paced environment of America’s commercial kitchens and food trucks, it’s bound to get slippery. By placing a heavy-duty non-slip layer on the ground, cooks can move urgently and carefully without the worry of unseen spills or grease spots. For frontline restaurant workers, standing at registers for hours on end can mean back and foot pain when they get home. Just by standing on something softer, stress on the spine and feet is dramatically decreased, making for a relaxed employee that is a joy for customers to interact with.

Serving Up Comfort, One Mat at a Time

Getting your restaurant back to running on all cylinders is going to take a lot of work from you and your staff, and We Sell Mats wants to make that process a little more pleasant. Heavy-duty coin-top mats are great for intense kitchens for their durability, slip-resistance, and easy sanitization. Outside the kitchen, front-of-house staff in charge of greeting customers and ringing up orders will appreciate Vélotas rubber-top tiles at their post thanks to the superior impact absorption, and with a dependable EPDM layer, these tiles are in it for the long haul.

We Sell Mats wishes restaurant owners a successful climb back to normalcy, check out more ways to make your business even better.

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