Living in a Home Under Construction

Living in a Home Under Construction

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As anyone whose gotten work done on their home knows, a construction site is not exactly the most comfortable place in the world. From replacing carpet to adding on an addition, house upgrades that involve tearing up the floor are harsh on feet and dangerous for kids and pets due to rough floors, uneven surfaces, and exposed nails.

Really big jobs like new hardwood floors or complete house flipping may spell months without floors, that’s why safety-conscious and comfort-minded homeowners use a temporary floor mat padding solution that maintains the livability of their home throughout renovations.


Step into a More Pleasant Project

Enjoying your home during major changes starts with the high-traffic areas; walkways between the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms see the most footsteps, making them a top priority. For lining these areas, most homeowners gravitate towards two options. The more obvious of the two is to have family members always keep their shoes on, but that could lead to accelerated wear and tear across your home, and best of luck getting your dog to wear shoes. The other choice would be to throw down rugs or scraps of carpet to cover the raw floors, but that strategy assumes you have carpet/rugs you are willing to sacrifice.

A commonly overlooked solution that is safe, unobtrusive, and easy to implement is laying down a path of foam tiles through areas upended by renovations. As we have previously discussed, foam tiles are right at home on the jobsite for their lightweight profile and impact absorption.


Mats for Healthy Home Improvement

Of all the things getting torn up on demo-day, your feet shouldn’t be one of them, prevent that from happening by using We Sell Mats EVA foam tiles to make your home cozier for you and your family during renovations. Our multipurpose foam tiles are easy to clean and durable enough to withstand the pressure the jobsite demands. We Sell Mats EVA tiles are available in countless styles to match your home now and forever-- thanks to the infinite ways to use them in your home once the job is done.

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