Leap into Training and Land Safely on our Premium Gymnastics Mats

Leap into Training and Land Safely on our Premium Gymnastics Mats

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Leap years, which happen once every four years, add a bit of excitement to our calendars. They're like a bonus day that appears in February, turning the usual 28 days into a 29-day month. This extra day helps keep our calendar in sync with the earth's journey around the sun. Leap day itself can be fun, especially when you leap into training and land safely on our premium gymnastics mats!

Versatile Gymnastics Mats

Discover the perfect mat for gymnastics, tumbling, cheer or dance. Whatever your sport of choice, We Sell Mats offers premium quality tumbling mats in a variety of sizes and colors! Choose from 4’x6’, 4’x8’ and 5’x10’ sizes. Color options include: black, blue, multi-color, pink, purple, purple/pink, lime green/blue. Our gymnastics mats are safe and supportive, so you can tumble, stretch, leap and land safely. Durability, style, value and safety are what you get with our premium gymnastics mats. 

Features and Benefits

All of our gymnastics mats are made with an advanced crosslink polyethylene foam core to give just the right balance of padding and stability. The heavy duty 18 oz vinyl cover stands up to repeated runs, rolls, flips and falls. Join multiple mats together with hook and loop fasteners. All of our premium gymnastics mats are easy to store and transport with their folding panels. Easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

Whether your sport is gymnastics, dance, tumbling or cheer, you can leap into training and land safely with top quality gymnastics mats from We Sell Mats! Train and perfect your craft with our safe, durable, premium gymnastics mats. You’ve got one extra day of training this leap year, so go ahead and get started!

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