Knit a Not-So-Ugly Ugly Christmas Sweater

Knit a Not-So-Ugly Ugly Christmas Sweater

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The tradition of adorning ourselves in tacky knitted sweaters in the name of irony and nostalgic holiday cheer has grown immensely over the past ten years. Ugly Christmas sweaters, the likes of which your grandmother would trap you in, are now such an instrumental part of the holiday season, themed celebrations thrown in their honor have become commonplace. As ugly Christmas sweater parties have grown in popularity, so has the need to one-up the sweaters of your peers year after year.

Whether you’ve dedicated your life to mastering the needles, or picked it up during the extra free time you’ve had in 2020, why not use knitting to take ugly Christmas sweaters to new heights above the measly store-bought competition with advanced techniques, perhaps with an ugly Christmas face-covering to match.

Blocking Your Way to Tacky Yuletide Triumph

Making your own ugly Christmas sweater comes with a set of rules, the only of which being that there are no rules! Show off your needle wielding prowess with three-dimensional characters, clever text, mixing in garlands, and even stitching in electronics.

Once its complete, and you want your knitted ugly Christmas sweater to look its best, blocking your finished piece is essential. Blocking refers to evenly pinning out your work onto a dense foam surface and lightly spraying it with water to evenly relax each stitch, resulting in a piece that looks straighter, sturdier, and tighter.

Stuff Your Stocking with Master-Level Knitting Mats

Start your journey to gaudy holiday glory now with a set of interlocking blocking tiles courtesy of We Sell Mats. In partnership with the master knitters at the Cheers to Ewe yarn shop, our blocking tiles feature a 1-inch grid that makes it easy for every knitter to give even the most complex creations a master-level finish.

We Sell Mats wishes the tight knit groups of friends and family out there a happy and healthy holiday party season. Check out more ways to prepare for celebratory soirees.

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