Incline Mats for Your Young Gymnast

Incline Mats for Your Young Gymnast

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If you have a little tumbler or a budding young gymnast, a sturdy, perfectly sized incline mat may just be the thing they need at home to take them to the next level. And as the summer games approach, their interest in their own performance may be about to explode. What better way to encourage their pursuit of gymnastics than with an apparatus they can use at home to practice their skills safely?

Incline mats are a great way to engage kids in active play – the way they learn best – while helping them develop and improve skills they learn in tumbling or gymnastics classes. We have incline mats for every size kid, so we know you’ll find one that’s just right for yours. All our mats are covered in heavy-duty, commercial grade 18 oz. vinyl with superior stitching. These mats will last as long as your child’s interest in gymnastics will!

For the littlest tumblers, our juvenile incline mat is just what they need to get the wiggles out. They can play on it, practice forward rolls and balancing postures, and be safe the whole time. You’ll find they discover lots more creative uses for the mat, too! For older kids, the gym or home-use mats are just what the coach ordered. With supervision, these can be used to help kids practice back handsprings, master bridges, and lots more. These mats come in three different sizes and fold easily for storage. We also carry competition mats in a much larger size.

Determining which size incline mat to purchase for your child may seem tricky, so let us help. Knowing your child’s age, weight, and skill level can help make it easier to choose just the right mat. But if you need a little help, we’re glad to answer any questions. Customer service is the only thing we do better than mats!

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