How to Use Alternating Color Foam Mats in Your Home

How to Use Alternating Color Foam Mats in Your Home

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We are loving one of our newest products, the Alternating Color Packs of our popular ⅜” Thick Multipurpose Mats. Available in 5 curated colorways, these EVA foam mats bring a fun and unique element to your home. We’ve paired white foam mats with 5 different colors that nicely complement each other. Revamp any space in your home with the Alternating Color Packs from We Sell Mats.

Features and Benefits

Our ⅜” Thick Multipurpose Mats are our flagship product. These 24” x 24” EVA foam mats are non-toxic and free of lead, latex and phthalates. These mats provide a firm cushion to minimize the impact of playing and exercising. Choose from 5 unique colorways: Black and White; Light Gray and White; Pink and White; Sand and White; Sky Blue and White. Shop 4 packs, 6 packs, or 12 packs to fit your unique space.

Kids Rooms

Kids are sure to love the fun color pattern of the Alternating Color Packs. Sky blue and white or pink and white are great for your kid’s bedroom. It’s easier than painting a wall and still adds the same level of personalization that your child desires. Black and white; sand and white; and light gray and white provide a soothing neutral palette for the playroom. These foam mats are durable and designed to stand up to extended use and wear and tear. The perfect kids’ flooring solution!

Home Gym

Need some extra motivation in the gym? Refresh your home gym space with Alternating Color Packs of our foam floor mats. Whether you choose a bright color scheme or a neutral palette, these mats will brighten up your space and encourage you to reach your goals. Plus, they’re water resistant and great for providing relief from your back and joints while exercising. 

The Alternating Color Packs of our ⅜” Thick Multipurpose Mats offer a versatile and vibrant flooring solution for various home spaces. Available in 5 curated color combinations, these EVA foam mats are non-toxic and designed for durability, providing cushioning for activities. They are ideal for kids' rooms, adding a fun and personalized touch; and for home gyms, enhancing the workout environment with both bright and neutral options. With their easy installation, these mats are a practical and stylish choice for any home setting. Shop now at

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