How to Maintain Your Foam Floor Mats

How to Maintain Your Foam Floor Mats

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We Sell Mats is pleased to offer a variety of EVA foam floor mats that are non-toxic and free from lead, latex and phthalates. Whether you’ve chosen our flagship Multipurpose Mats, the Forest Floor® printed mats, the Martial Arts Mats or the vèlotas Diamond Pattern Mats, here is an easy guide for maintaining them and getting the most from your purchase.

Installing Your Mats

High density EVA foam provides the most comfortable anti-fatigue cushion for the spine, hips, legs and knees. To get the most performance, they should only be installed on hard, flat surfaces like hardwood floors, concrete, vinyl or tile. Installing over carpet is a tripping hazard and can cause an uneven surface. They are designed for indoor use only. Foam Floor Mats are great in the garage: at your work bench or in a home gym, however, you can not drive or park on them. It is also important to note that heavy equipment or furniture can leave indentations on the mats. Take care where you install them and how you use them. Check them often for wear and tear and replace damaged tiles for safety.

Cleaning Your Mats

We Sell Mats offers foam floor mats that are durable and water-resistant in nature. This means they will last a long time. No worries when it comes to a little dirt or spills. Our EVA foam mats are easy to clean. Just sweep or vacuum the dirt off, wipe down with a wet cloth using hot water and a mild soap, then allow them to air dry.  Make sure they are completely dry before storing them, otherwise mildew can form. Wet mats can be slippery, so take care to avoid walking on them until they are dry. 

With a little care and a simple cleaning routine, you can get the best out of your purchase of EVA foam floor mats from We Sell Mats. Whether you are using them in your home office, gym, playroom, laundry room or garage, make sure to follow these guidelines for installing and cleaning your mats. You’ll be able to love them for a long, long time!

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