How to Install Foam Floor Tiles

How to Install Foam Floor Tiles

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So, you’ve purchased your new Foam Floor Tiles from We Sell Mats and you’re ready to install them. Don’t worry- it’s not difficult! We’ve done the prep work for you and created step by step instructions. Check out this guide for how to successfully install your new foam floor tiles.

Interlocking Design

Thanks to their interlocking design, the Foam Floor Tiles from We Sell Mats fit seamlessly together to bring a finished look to any space in minutes. Foam floor tiles should be installed on top of a hard, flat, indoor surface, including flat hardwood flooring, vinyl, tile, concrete, and any other hard surfaces that require more support for your joints. To prevent an uneven subfloor and the risk of tripping, do not install these EVA foam tiles on top of carpet. Create a seamless look with the detachable borders included with each tile you order. 

*Please note: Each style of interlocking foam floor tiles is unique and will not interlock with other styles, nor do they interlock with tiles from other companies.

Filling In Your Space

When covering a large area, find the center of your edge, then build out the first row. Once the first row is filled and centered, fill the rest of the space with as many full foam mats as you can, finishing off the edges with the detachable border. 


For wall-to-wall foam mats, you will likely need to trim tiles down to get an exact fit. Because they are made with EVA foam, the tiles can be trimmed with a sharp knife or scissors, making them perfect for a snug wall-to-wall flooring solution. Measure the distance between the wall and your assembled mat, and mark it on the back of the tile. Remember to measure twice and cut once! Then, cut the tile according to your measurements, connect, and repeat until you have completed the look you want.

We Sell Mats is pleased to offer a variety of foam floor mats including Multipurpose Mats, Forest Floor® Mats, Martial Arts Mats and Vélotas® Diamond Pattern Mats. Suitable for a variety of applications, they come in a variety of colors and wood grain patterns to enhance your space. Shop now at

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