Head Home for the Holidays with a Gym You Can Count On

Head Home for the Holidays with a Gym You Can Count On

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November is officially here, marking for many the true beginning of the holiday season. As the big days of food, family, and festivities approach, it’s time to start shaping your game plan for heading home. Perhaps known to routine exercisers, research conducted by the Physical Activity Council reported that younger generations are noticeably more active than the older family they’re likely to be staying with.

This presents a problem; how do you stay true to your fitness goals in an environment full of indulgent food for a prolonged period of time in a household far less likely to have a home gym? You bring the gym with you.

Your Own Fitness Facility During Family Festivities

While moving an elliptical or a weight bench across the country may be less than feasible, that doesn’t mean you can’t break a quality sweat in the comfort of your family’s home. In reality, you don’t need even close to an entire gym’s-worth of equipment to stay on track, as a proper gym mat and your choice of handheld weights can get you nearly the entire way there.

Free guided workouts are easy to find online and can guide you through weight training, core exercises, yoga, and cardio anytime, anyplace. Video workouts on top of common workout surfaces like yoga mats and tumbling mats along with sufficiently weighted dumbbells, kettlebells, or ankle weights are an easy-to-transport full workout system that is sure to help you ward off holiday lethargy.

Easily Transport Your Training

Whether home is down the street or across the country, taking your workout routine with you shouldn’t be a lot of heavy lifting. Let We Sell Mats be your spotter with our versatile and portable 2’x6’ personal exercise mat that offers plenty of durability for intense on-the-go fitness in a compact folding design.

We Sell Mats encourages every exerciser from casual yogis to gain-centric lifting gurus to not let a little celebration get in the way of reaching your goals. Check out more ways to evolve any workout space.

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