Giving Back through Martial Arts

Giving Back through Martial Arts

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In 2016 after the only Muay Thai gym in the area closed its doors for good, I realized there was no place left for my children and I to train in the respected art of Thai boxing. This prompted me to reach out to my long-time friend, and training partner, Matt. A former National Muay Thai Champion himself, Matt wished there was a place for his children to learn as well. So, with a handful or people, and no money, Lake Norman Muay Thai was born under a picnic shelter in a local park.

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. Also known as the art of eight limbs, it incorporates punching, kicking, kneeing, and elbowing in rapid succession. After years of training in Thailand and many other locations around the world, I came to be the only instructor in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina who is certified by the Kingdom of Thailand.

After a couple months of training, we noticed our small group had grown larger and larger. With summer just around the corner, our operation migrated to a local CrossFit facility that allowed us to rent out part of their space. After approximately one year, Lake Norman Muay Thai had grown to nearly 70 people, at which point not even our corner of the CrossFit gym was enough. This meant it was time for our own place in Mooresville, and ever since, the Muay Thai program has exploded, reaching hundreds of new people in the area.

In an effort to give back to the community that accepted us with open arms, Lake Norman Muay Thai partnered with Rock Steady Boxing, an international program that allows people with Parkinson's Disease to fight their disease through non-contact boxing. Mooresville is home to many people grappling with Parkinson’s, but with the help of Rock Steady, they have a way to fight back and regain their lives by working through the symptoms tied to their daily challenges.

With the help of We Sell Mats’ martial arts mats, our Muay Thai students can move and strike without the fear of harming themselves. For our Rock Steady boxers, the mats are forgiving in the event of a fall, allowing them to battle Parkinson’s with confidence.

As Lake Norman Muay Thai and our participation with the Rock Steady Boxing program continues to expand, we pride ourselves on passing down the knowledge and lifelong skills associated with practicing martial arts.

We Sell Mats thanks J.T. for his participation as our first guest-blogger and anyone interested in Lake Norman Muay Thai can check them out here.

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