Give Holiday Decorating a Softer Touch

Give Holiday Decorating a Softer Touch

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While bright dazzling lights, crinkly wrapping paper, and brisk snowball fights are synonymous with the wintery holiday season, they can cause trouble for anyone grappling with sensory processing issues. Between the risks of distressing auditory and visual interferences, missing out on holiday decorations and traditions is the reality for countless sensory affected families. While there hasn’t ever been a good substitute, that changes now because with a little bit of creativity, and a stack of EVA foam, you can make the holiday season magical for every member of your family.

Deck the Halls with Gentler Décor

Holiday decorations don’t have to be harsh on sensory processing disorders. Just by trimming soft EVA foam like you would find in play room puzzle tiles, the only limit to décor replacement is your imagination.

Instead of adorning your home with piercing lights, try stringing multicolored bulb shapes or jigsaw “teeth” from puzzle mats to liven up the home while staying easy on the eyes. Rather than wrap gifts in bothersome, messy, and wasteful paper, affix EVA tiles perpendicularly into boxes that take presents to the next level the softer way. Finally, snowball fights can be had indoors away from the icy cold with either socks or EVA foam discs.

Stock Up on Delicate Decorations

This year, enjoy the holidays to the fullest by embellishing your home with decorations that are easy on sensory challenged family members using EVA foam tiles from We Sell Mats. Available in colors to suit your creativity, our multipurpose mats can be trimmed into any shape from fabulous faux lights to whimsical winter scenery.

The holiday season is enjoyed best when it’s enjoyed by everyone, and with a few crafty swaps to more gentle materials it can truly be the most wonderful time of the year.

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