Getaway to Your Own Private She-Shed

Getaway to Your Own Private She-Shed

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During this time of quarantine, it can be hard to get some time for yourself if you live with children or loved ones. However, in recent years many women have taken to designing a place they can escape to in the form of she-sheds. While the term was coined in 1992, she-sheds didn’t gain popularity until 2016, since then they have grown extremely popular on social media and have become the go-to DIY project for women seeking their own personal retreat. While we are all stuck at home, why not outfit your old shed into the she-shed of your dreams for a deserved break from the quarantine stress in celebration of National Women’s Health Week (May 10-16). 

Tips for Transforming an Old Shed  

Before you go ripping out studs and shelves, make sure your shed is structurally sound and then ask yourself what the purpose of your she-shed is. Is it a private reading nook? Your new yoga studio? Perhaps it’s a workshop for even more DIYs! Regardless, visualizing the use of your she-shed will make for straightforward decision making and a faster turnaround. 

Once you have a clear plan in mind, covering up the evidence that it was ever a place for old tools with a fresh coat of paint and new flooring to cover up hard plywood or concrete will make the space more inviting for continuous use. Now that your she-shed is coming together all there is to do is finish it off with lighting, decorations, entertainment, and comfy furniture according to your unique design plan. 

Shopping for She-Shed Essentials 

If you’re looking to save on outfitting the floor of your she-shed, then check out We Sell Mats for our interlocking foam tiles that come in a style that is sure to match your she-shed. For vibrant and sporty sheds, our multipurpose tiles are great for working out for their superior grip. Our carpet-top and wood printed tiles can give your she-shed a homey feel without the need for cumbersome rolls of carpet or wood flooring. 

We Sell Mats understands the importance of de-stressing during this difficult time and your very own she-shed may be the perfect place to do so this National Women’s Health Week. Check out more ways to furnish your home/she-shed. 

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