Fun Uses for Wood Foam Floor Tiles

Fun Uses for Wood Foam Floor Tiles

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Wood foam floor tiles are beautiful, soft, and incredibly versatile!

While they look just like polished wood, they’re really foam squares that interlock with one another to securely cover an entire floor. They tend to be quite firm yet soft. With such style, and ease-of-use, you can imagine how many applications they can be used in.

The following are just a few of the many ways wood foam floor tiles can be used, for both their function and their appearance.

Home Gym Flooring

In 2018, Americans spent almost $4 billion on fitness equipment for their homes.

Since wood foam floor tiles can be found in so many different densities and surface textures, it’s easy to find flooring ideal for any kind of home gym.

Foam floor tiles are soft enough to provide cushioning for exercises performed on the floor. They are gentle on the skin so they won’t cause floor burns.

Best of all, their interlocking floor mat style makes them so easy to install that literally anyone can do it.

Kids Rooms Flooring

Most parents are concerned for the safety of their children, and for good reason. While kids should be active physically, they aren’t the best judges of what’s safe and what isn’t—even in their bedrooms, accidents can happen, causing bruised heads or even trips to the emergency room.

To curb this problem (and look amazing in the process), wood foam floor tiles are ideal for use in children’s bedrooms and playrooms. Instead of worrying every time your kids rough-house or get into a scuffle, you can trust that the soft flooring will at least help keep them safe, even if it doesn’t help keep them calm.

Basement Flooring

Basements environments can be unforgiving, especially when they’re unfinished basements. From walls to floors to ceilings, even the best of them tend to be hard, cold, and unfriendly.

Wood foam floor tiles can dramatically soften up a basement’s feel—and its appearance. They provide the same insulation and cushioning that thick carpet offers, without absorbing moisture or being easily stained. If they get drenched in a downpour while the sump pump mysteriously stops working, all you have to do is lay them outside and they’ll dry out quickly.

Trade Show Booths

With their fatigue-reducing qualities, wood foam floor tiles are a popular choice for padding the floors of trade show booths. Manufacturers offer a near-limitless variety of wood grain patterns, styles, and thicknesses which make it easy to create a stylish booth that fits the rest of your decor.

In addition to their comfort and appearance, they’re incredibly lightweight and portable, making transportation a breeze. They’re the ideal choice for exhibit professionals on the go.

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