Foam Mats for the Outdoor Play Area

Foam Mats for the Outdoor Play Area

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If you have little ones and want a comfortable, safe place for them to play outdoors, consider a play space lined with colorful, easy-to-clean, easily stored foam mats. Decks and patios are great places to hang outside, but when little knees are busy scurrying over them, the treated lumber or concrete can cause no end of discomfort from scraping and splinters. Foam mats are the only way to go! Because the mats are so lightweight, they are easily pieced together, removed, stored, and even transported. Put a square of our colorful ABC/123 mats out on your deck, maybe surrounded by a paneled play area gate, and the toddlers can play independently while Mom and Dad relax. At the end of the outdoor season, cleaning the mats is a piece of cake (and there will probably be cake on the mats by this time…). A little water, some mild detergent, and a mop are all you’ll need to get the mats in shape for storage for the winter. Pull them out next summer and you’re all set.

Going on vacation? Take some 3/8″ mats along, and no matter where you find yourself, you’ll have a clean surface for the kids to play on. Sand washes right off the foam mats at the end of a day on the beach. Line a tent with foam mats and not only will the kids have a soft place to play on a camping trip, but everyone will enjoy a softer place to sleep.

Indoors or out, parents’ jobs are made easier by knowing the kids have a safe place to play. And with EVA foam mats, clean-up is easier, storage is simple, and, perhaps for the first time since becoming a parent, peace of mind is within your grasp!

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