Foam Mats for Playrooms and Daycares

Foam Mats for Playrooms and Daycares

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If you’re a parent or a childcare provider, either in your home or a facility, you understand the importance of the surface your kids play and grow on. You know what’s easy to care for, what’s safe, and what’s comfortable and supportive for little feet. Interlocking foam floor mats address these concerns in spades and will even outlast whatever your little ones can throw at them (or spill on them…).

A thick pile carpet is nice, but let’s face it, when it’s crackers and juice time, you’re thinking about hauling out the vacuum and wondering how you get multiple juice stains out of that Berber. Tightly interlocking foam mats are a breeze to clean up. Many customers say they fit together so well that liquids don’t even get between the tiles. But in the event they do, simply pulling the tiles apart, rinsing off and drying will do the trick very quickly. One daycare provider says she pulls all the tiles up periodically, washes them in a cleaning solution with a stiff brush, and hangs them to dry. But even a simple damp cloth or mop makes a good job of daily cleaning.

Agencies which license daycare centers look for safety concerns constantly. If your facility is equipped with EVA foam mats, you can rest assured the kids are playing and learning on a soft, non-slip surface that will cushion any slips and shorten the tear-filled recovery time. Foam flooring is appropriate for shoes, socks, or bare feet, and it’s sturdy enough to provide a stable base for play kitchens, tables and chairs, and even cardboard block construction sites!

Whether in the playroom (basement, bedroom, converted garage) or the daycare, foam mats provide plenty of support, ease of clean-up, and a lifespan longer than a generation of stuffed animals. Choose from our wood grain, carpet top, or even ABC mats to make your play space the safest, cleanest, and most enjoyable space for the most important little people in your life.

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