Flooring for the Serious Home Gym

Flooring for the Serious Home Gym

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Looking for something durable, comfortable, and affordable for your home gym flooring? We gotcha. When you need more than a glorified aerobics mat to get the job done, we’ve got some serious flooring that will protect your joints and your floors. 

Durable, comfortable, and protective rubber-topped Vélotas foam fitness mats are an affordable way to protect the floors in your exercise room. The layer of rubber on top of EVA foam adds protection from certain kinds of fitness equipment that might damage an otherwise unprotected surface. When you drop that hand weight and jump out of the way, your foot may be saved, but what about the floor? Prevent a permanent mark or chunk out of the hardwood by covering the workout area in shock-absorbing robber-topped EVA foam fitness mats. But it’s not just about your floors…

Rubber-topped EVA foam mats are the perfect alternative to solid rubber floor coverings. It’s much more economical, but still provides the benefits of both rubber and EVA foam. The foam, like the foam in all our EVA mats, absorbs shock and cushions joints. It enables your workout to last just a little longer so you get the most out of it without risking injury. It’s lightweight and easily installed without professionals. With the layer of rubber on top, the mats instantly become more resilient, and offer added protection to your body and your floors. Your comfort level while you’re working out increases, which means you have more time to work out before you become fatigued.

For the look and feel of a professional gym in your own home without splurging on pure rubber flooring, give the Vélotas rubber-topped EVA foam mats a try. Your floors and your joints will be better for the experience!

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