Fitting a Special-Ed Classroom that Meets Their Needs

Fitting a Special-Ed Classroom that Meets Their Needs

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Special education is about much more than just teaching, it involves a degree of care, patience, and communication that is wider than the scope of most teachers. Likewise, this increased range of fulfillment extends to the room in which special needs students are taught. A good special education classroom is well-equipped to tackle duties like motor skill development, physical therapy, and sensory disorders in tandem with a daily lesson plan. 

While schools are in limbo in the wake of a global pandemic, it may be the opportune time for schools to consider additions to their special education facilities in order to come back strong. 

Make the Room Meaningful 

Because special education classrooms need to cover so much extra ground and are often on a limited budget, versatility is crucial when making necessary additions. Granted it’s of manageable dimensions, gymnastics equipment can serve a multitude of uses in a special ed classroom. Gymnastics shapes and tumbling mats offer surfaces for physical therapy as well as an alternative seating option for students with different mobility limitations and sensory aversions. 

Get Started with Your Classroom Refresh 

If now sounds like a great time to make a difference in your special ed classroom and in the lives of your students, then We Sell Mats is prepared to help with a wide range of gymnastics shapes, tumbling mats, and foam flooring tiles. Along with tumbling mats, foam flooring is a great choice for when learning shifts away from tables and on to the wide-open floor for a change. Additionally, if any of your students are a part of a higher risk group for COVID-19 or other germs, our Husky Vinyl Mat Cleaner can add an extra layer of safety when the students finally return. 

We Sell Mats works hard to ensure that our products improve the safety of life’s everyday adventures and we appreciate the noble work that special education teachers do. Check out more ways to inspire your classroom. 

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