Finding the Finest Folding Mat for Your Fitness Feats

Finding the Finest Folding Mat for Your Fitness Feats

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Just because two mats may look similar, it doesn’t mean they function the same. To offer the best mats out there, We Sell Mats considers several variables during the development of fitness-forward mats including dimensions, density, portability, expandability, and materials. Take our folding exercise mats for example, at a quick glance, they are nearly identical to our gymnastics tumbling mats. However, underneath their heavy-duty vinyl exterior, discrepancies in foam construction give them the unique properties that define their intended uses.

Stick the Landing with Confidence

To accommodate complex gymnastics maneuvers, We Sell Mats tumbling mats are made with firm Cross-Linked Polyethylene foam designed for absolute stability and safety during any routine. For floor tricks like rolls, hand springs, and cartwheels, the stiffer surface lowers the chance of rolling an ankle while still offering plenty of padding and rebound to harbor the learning curve.

A Comfortable Workout Every Time

Compared to their tumble-centric counterparts, our folding exercise mats prioritize stationary comfort and portability. Their softer foam core is far more forgiving during personal exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, stretches, yoga, and any number of specialized core workouts. As an added bonus, our folding exercise mats have a convenient carry handle for a complete workout anytime anywhere.

Quality for Gymnasts and Gym Rats Alike

Regardless of foam density, our sturdy folding tumbling mats and our soft exercise mats both have quality in common. Featuring durable vinyl covers, several vibrant colors, and hook-and-loop edges for easy expandability to fit any space. From perfecting your floor routine in time for competitions to return, or getting in shape for your new year’s resolution, We Sell Mats has a folding option for you in the right style.

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