Fight Off the Holiday Pounds

Fight Off the Holiday Pounds

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As with every year, the festive holiday season comes with lots of indulgent food. Between festive feasts and endless treats, the later months of the year make it harder to eat right. Mix that with any incurred “quarantine-fifteen” and you have a one-two punch for throwing off your fitness goals.

Those looking to thwart seasonal weight gain may consider combating the extra pounds in a more literal sense. Through martial arts, anyone looking to healthily enjoy the holidays can learn a new skill, sharpen their mind, and stay on track with a more engaging form of exercise.

Designing a Dojo that’s Not Just Decorative

Having your own personal training hall to spar with seasonal sweets doesn’t require mastering age-old traditional building techniques, luckily there are more modern solutions. For practicing techniques from beginner to pro, the right surface makes all the difference. A good home dojo has a floor that’s as responsive as it is forgiving, offering plenty of resistance to push off for striking, yet soft enough for comfortable rolls and of course, falling. Once a foundation is in place, some practice targets and a consistent training schedule will have you on your way to ward off winter weight gain.

Now is the Time to Strike

Indulgent holiday meals are going to start hitting hard, so take it on with a home dojo fortified with foam martial arts flooring from We Sell Mats. Available in multiple thicknesses to perfectly feedback and comfort, our mats feature a traditional tatami-style texture to accommodate any combat style. Martial arts is a great way to stay sharp and in shape during a very different holiday season, and a home dojo is the best way to start.

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