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Features and Benefits of the 6' Foam Balance Beam

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Balance beams are not just for kids. People of all ages and physical abilities can enjoy our re-engineered 6’ Foam Balance Beam. From playtime to physical therapy, this product is versatile and highly functional. Newly designed for extended life and use, let’s explore the features and benefits of the 6’ Foam Balance Beam from We Sell Mats.


Redesigned with heavy duty density EPS and EVA Foam, our 6’ Foam Balance Beam now has a longer life span and enhanced durability. This premium product has an authentic feel and supports up to 160 lbs. 

It also features a textured bottom to help grip the floor and velcro flaps for attaching multiple beams. High quality 3P vinyl covers the beam, providing an easy to clean surface that will hold up to extended use. With reinforced double stitching on all sides, this beam is also tear-resistant.


Get the most out of our 6’ Foam Balance Beam with a variety of uses. Beams are great for improving balance and coordination in kids, adults and even patients working to improve balance and coordination through rehabilitation. Balance exercises improve self-confidence, concentration, stability and physical agility. 

Gymnastics and cheerleading are just a few sports that incorporate balance beams into their training. Beams are also great for use in preschool and kindergarten classrooms, playrooms and home gyms.

Don’t miss out on all the features and benefits of the 6’ Foam Balance Beam from We Sell Mats! Order yours today and experience enhanced durability, extended life and an authentic feel. Enjoy increased balance and coordination at any age or stage of life. Experience the difference of our newly designed 6’ Foam Balance Beam.

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