Family Martial Arts at Home

Family Martial Arts at Home

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Have you ever given thought to putting some martial arts mats in your home so you can practice with your kids? There are lots of families taking lessons in martial arts together, for various reasons like simply spending time together, showing by example how important an active lifestyle is, and starting something together where both parent and child are beginners. That hour or so at the studio is really important time, but what if you could extend that time at home with your own martial arts studio?

You knew we were going to say this: you CAN extend that time into your home with some martial arts mats! You don’t even need a lot of space. In fact, you can determine the size of the space you can afford to use, then order only as many martial arts mats as you need for that area. Each of the mats have tabs, like puzzle-pieces, that fit snugly together. The surface of the mats are ribbed in what we call a tatami finish. Tatami rice straw mats were the original martial arts mat, and given what they were made of, you can tell they wouldn’t have been very shock-absorbing or comfortable to land on. But the texture of the tatami mats allowed for superior grip and balance, so we replicate that feel on our martial arts mats. But since that tatami finish is part of a 1/2″ or greater EVA foam mat, you’ll experience joint protection and cushioning when you fall.

If you have a large space you can afford to designate as your home martial arts studio, take a look at our Jumbo martial arts mats. Rather than being 2′ square, like our regular martial arts mats, these guys are a whopping 40″x40″! They’ll cover much more space in less time and still provide you with maximum cushioning and support.

We do recommend a little carpet tape on the underside of our martial arts mats at the seams to prevent any slipping. When you have great traction, support, balance, and cushioning, you want to make sure that isn’t compromised by slippage of an island configuration of the martial arts mats. If you go wall-to-wall with the mats, slippage may not be an issue. We just want you to be safe!

Grab a kid, pick a martial art together, and start at the very beginning on some martial arts mats in your home.

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