Essentials for Performing Gymnastics at Home

Essentials for Performing Gymnastics at Home

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Let’s be real, kids have lots of energy! They love to run, jump, flip and move their bodies. With the right equipment, your kids can have fun with gymnastics at home. We Sell Mats carries all the essentials for the home gymnast. From flooring and mats to interactive equipment, you can create the perfect environment for practicing or playing gymnastics. We Sell Mats offers a variety of fun, colorful equipment that will keep the kids entertained for hours!


Start with the right flooring as the base for your home gymnastics set up. Interlocking soft floor tiles are a great way to go. They will protect your floors and create a soft, cushioned landing space for the home gymnast. We Sell Mats offers non-toxic, durable, water resistant foam floor tiles in 15 color options. You can mix and match colors to brighten up your space and personalize it.


If you have the space, incorporate a crash pad from We Sell Mats. They come in 2 sizes with a smart-fold feature and convenient side handles for easy transport and storage. These 4 inch thick crash pads support and protect the knees, wrists, elbows, and back during gymnastics. 

Tumbling mats are a must for your home gymnast. They are so versatile. Use tumbling mats for stretching, rolling, practicing, resting, and of course, tumbling. We Sell Mats offers 6 color options and 2 size options. Tumbling mats are great for pairing with incline cheese mats and tumbling octagons.

Interactive Equipment

Once you have your soft floor tiles and mats, you’ll want to incorporate some fun interactive equipment. A classic balance beam is great for practicing and developing skills. Choose from a 9 foot beam or a 6 foot beam - both fold up for ease of set up and storage. We Sell Mats offers 4 colors, plus a faux leather finish, if that suits your style.

Octagon tumbling mats aid in the development of coordination, balance, walk-overs, and handsprings. Plus, they’re fun to play on! We Sell Mats offers octagons in 2 sizes and 2 color combinations so you can choose the right one for your little gymnast.

Finally, add a cheese wedge mat. These are sometimes called incline mats, and they’re perfect for rolling and tumbling. We Sell Mats offers a preschool incline mat for the youngest gymnasts and a medium sized mat for bigger kids. They fold up and come with handles for easy storage and set up. 

With soft foam flooring, tumbling mats and a few pieces of play equipment, you can have all the essentials for performing gymnastics at home. Mix and match fun colors to personalize your space and create a fun environment for your little ones. They will enjoy playing and practicing gymnastics for hours with everything they need within reach.

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